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I dare you to view this video at least 2 consecutive times and take it out of your head… (if you can)

After the Philippines, China's next targets are... reveals China’s top 6 next targets of its territorial ownership claims after the Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal. Here is the list:


#6 Finland  - China claims that Finland’s capital city belongs to them, because the capital of Finland is Helchinky…

#5 Prague – Prague is in danger of being one of China’s territories, because it belongs to the Intsik Republic (Czech Republic)


#4 Ethiopia – Even Africa was not spared from China’s territorial claims; China claimed Ethiopia saying that it’s Etihopia and a product from China.

South America

#3 Sao Paolo – Another place  that is claimed by China is Sao  Paolo in Brazil. China said that Sao Paolo is actually Siopao Lo, and just like Etihopia, it  is also a product from China.

#2 Argentina – This country will soon be contested by China because they strongly believe (with conviction) that Argentina is actually Argentsina.

North America

#1 Las Vegas – Save the best for last because USA has great military power, but once China gathers its strength, they’ll soon go after Las Vegas, Nevada. China believes that Las Vegas truly belongs to them, because in Las Vegas, there are lots of “Cachinos.”



Let There be Peace

This week has been full of brawls, fights, and threats. Let’s all have a break and be inspired, check this video out.

So there you have it… Peace :)

Suerte pa rin si Tulfo at hindi si Mariz or si Jinky ang nabastos nya kundi…

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