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Granny 2012

Granny upgrade suggestion this 2012

Granny 2012

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

User: INDAY, what’s the news?
INDAY: Sir/Mam ano gusto nyo? Showbiz o Pulitika?
User: INDAY Showbiz
INDAY: Uuuuy alam mo ba? Sabi ni Aiai kay Vic “dati, bosing ko siya kasi sa ‘1 for 3,’ siya yung boss ko and producer nu’n,” Ai-Ai said during the Dec. 8 press conference of their movie in the ABS-CBN compound.”
User: INDAY, what’s the weather like this coming Tuesday?
INDAY: Ay Sir/Mam hindiiii ko pooooo alaaaaaaaam, wala pa akong feeds sa PAGASAAAAA….

Dolphin Jetpack

I want one of those!!!

Text Blooper

1Phone Blooper

The Price is Right